A beautiful smile is something that you may have always desired for. Minor teeth errors such as crowding and gaps between teeth can make a smile less attractive. Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that is dedicated to correcting teeth misalignments and to improve the bite. An orthodontic treatment can move your teeth in the correct direction to bring better alignment. There are a number of appliances used in dentistry for the purpose of correcting teeth positions. Dental braces, aligners, and retainers are to name a few. A dental consultation can help you understand the need for orthodontic treatment and its benefits.

Orthodontics and oral health

The teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw come together in a bite. If there are errors in the position of the teeth, the condition is called a malocclusion or a bad bite. This condition can lead to tooth wear because of imbalance in your bite. With misalignment, some portions of teeth are inaccessible, it may become difficult to maintain oral hygiene. This increases the chances of dental infection. The smile is less attractive when the teeth are not straight. With more complex teeth or jaw errors, there can be a headache and neck ache.

Orthodontics – The treatment

The treatment for your orthodontic problem depends on the complexity of the condition. Our dentist performs a thorough oral examination before coming up with recommendations. Your teeth may be scanned during the process to get a better understanding of their positions and to set a treatment plan. Dental braces are commonly used for complex dental problems since they are very effective in moving teeth. Our dentist communicates the treatment plan with you to receive your approval before starting the process.

Dental braces are a combination of brackets and wires. The wires are in tension mode set to pull the teeth in the planned direction. The brackets are bonded over teeth using special bonding agents. Our dentist tightens the wires during periodic visits and checks the progress of treatment. Our team also spends time in guiding you about how to take care of the braces. Once the treatment is complete, based on the need, retainers may be provided to ensure that the teeth do not return to their previous position.

Our office is based in Redlands, California. We have patients who visit us from different corners of the city and other nearby cities including Riverside and San Bernardino seeking orthodontic treatment. If your misaligned teeth are bothering you, we invite you to make an appointment and talk to our dentist.