A bright and healthy smile never fails to create a good first impression. A bright smile gives you more self-confidence and gives you the freedom to be open. When the teeth are dull, they look unhealthy and less attractive. Though routine dental care can prevent dental infection and improve your oral health, at times a cosmetic dental procedure may be needed to enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Tooth whitening is one such cosmetic dentistry process which people commonly seek for. At our dental office in Colton, California our comprehensive approach towards smile enhancement can give you good results. If you are planning to brighten your teeth, just call our office and make an appointment. Our team will take care of your esthetic needs.

Tooth discoloration and tooth whitening

The natural color of teeth differs from person to person. Though people by nature may be gifted with bright teeth, the discoloration may start because of food, lifestyle, hygiene and other external factors. Discoloration makes the teeth look dull and unhealthy. Through tooth whitening, patients can get their teeth to stain cleared and brighten their smile. Following are some of the common causes of tooth discoloration.

  • Dark colored drinks like coffee, cola, and wine
  • Smoking
  • Teeth wear
  • Decay
  • Some medicines

Tooth whitening – How it is done?

Tooth whitening is a simple yet effective way to beautify the smile. The procedure does not take too long and the results are immediately visible. When you visit our dental office, the first thing we do is to check your teeth and gums. Decayed tooth and gum infection may have to be treated first. A professional cleaning process may be recommended if necessary. We take pictures of your teeth and gauge the brightness using shade scale. We explain the treatment process to you before proceeding with whitening.

Before starting treatment, the teeth are dried and the gums are covered using a protective gel. Tooth whitening agents contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in prescribed concentration. These agents are applied over teeth surface. They enter the porous enamel layer and undergo oxidation to clear stain.

Once the stain is cleared the teeth may look brighter and more attractive. A bright light may be shined over teeth to accelerate the reaction. After completion of the treatment, the patient is guided on how to care for the bright smile.