Early dental care is very important for the healthy growth of the child. Good oral health improves a child’s ability to bite and chew food and promotes clear speech. Children’s dentists take steps to prevent dental infection and all other types of dental problems in kids of different age groups. The dental professional also provides vital information to parents about their child’s dental care which can ensure better oral health. If you are looking for a place for all the dental needs of your child, please call us. Our children’s dentist in Colton, CA is very popular among many families of the city because of his friendly nature and effective treatment. Make an appointment with our dentist and your child will be delighted with the idea of dental care.

Oral care in Children – Why is it Important?

A child develops the first tooth by the time he/she is one year old. The oral care in the child should begin by this time. The eating habits and the resistance to infection in children are much different than adults. Certain habits such as leaving a bottle of milk or juice with the child when asleep and poor oral hygiene can increase the chances of tooth decay in children. Poor oral health can disturb the child during school hours by causing toothache. Children may also develop orthodontic problems because of tooth loss or other practices like thumb sucking. A children’s dentist focus on creating awareness among parents about such practices and takes necessary steps to improve the oral health of the child. Children’s dentist recommends a healthy diet to kids which can avoid dental problems.

Children’s dentistry treatment

Children’s dental care is much different when compared to adult dental care. A children’s dentist spends the time to comfort the child before he/she actively engages in the treatment. The experience of the child during the first few dental visits can influence his/her perception of dental care on a long run. Therefore, the dentist is very careful about making the child feel relaxed. Children’s dentist usually looks for signs of tooth decay and take necessary steps to prevent the same. Following are some of the treatments offered by our children’s dentist.

Dental sealants

Our children’s dentist carefully removes carries and uses dental sealants to restore the tooth of children. The sealants prevent the bacteria from damaging tooth especially in the pit area of the biting surface.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride application in prescribed amounts can prevent tooth decay in children. Although the substance is available in water and some toothpaste sometimes professional application may be required.

Prevention of orthodontic problems

Our children’s dentist takes necessary steps for early intervention and prevention of orthodontic problems. Space maintainers are used in children who have tooth loss, to see that the teeth nearby do not shift position.