A dental implant is the permanent replacement procedure for missing teeth, as the dental implant is biocompatible they fuse with the jaw bone and functions like natural teeth. it impacts positively on oral health in numerous ways. it preserves the jaw bone and prevents further tooth loss by providing structural support to the surrounding teeth to stay in their positions.

The most common question people ask: Do Dental implant requires special care? The simple and straight forward answer is NO. It does not require any special care. Dental implants are seen as low maintenance by patients and dental professionals alike. When you take care of your oral health properly by practicing proper oral hygiene, and by visiting the dentist or oral surgeon for a routine check-up, it can last your new teeth for decades.

Usually, biting the hard item such as ice could damage the enamel of your natural teeth. As in the cases of restoration too, chewing or biting the hard substance will harm your dental implant.

After receiving dental implant instructions provided by our dentist regarding post-operative care and oral health includes.

  • Brush and floss normally as you would do for your natural teeth, in order to limit the presence of plaque and tartar. Oral bacteria can cause gum disease that can harm the durability of the dental implant.
  • Use antibacterial mouthwashes to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Routine dental checkup which is usually needed for all to stay healthy. But for a dental implant, on a routine check-up, some additional treatment is done. On specified schedule with your dentist, X-ray will be taken to assure the bone and implant are bonded well and it works like natural teeth.

Dental Implant and Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist plays a major role to keep your dental implant infection-free. When you visit your dental office for a routine check-up, your hygienist uses different instruments or techniques around the area of a dental implant depending upon the nature of debris formed. Your hygienist will take care of your dental implant to keep it infection-free so that you can enjoy a healthy smile for decades.

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