Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedure to improve your smile. teeth whitening can be performed majorly in two ways, when teeth whitening treatment is performed in the dentist office it is termed as in-office teeth whitening procedure and when the patient is recommended whitening products from the dentist it is termed as in-house teeth whitening procedure.

There is a common misconception among the people that when teeth whitening can be done at home using whitening kit than why should we visit the dentist to whiten our teeth?

Professional in-office teeth whitening has shown the safest and most predictable way to improve your smile as the dentist have access to better and effective teeth whitening technologies. Strips and gels from drug stores can make a difference but the stronger solutions can only be used under the supervision of the dentist. Which is why you have to visit the dentist for effective teeth whitening treatment.

Whitening products from pharmacy such as whitening strips and gels may provide good results for some patients’ teeth who usually have light stains on the surface of teeth while others may get uneven outcome of the teeth whitening procedure, because the whitening products sold in store usually contain around 3 percent of peroxide which does not remove stubborn stain on the surface of teeth.

Using Over-the-counter whitening product may cause tooth sensitivity due to the penetration of hydrogen ions from the surface of teeth and contact of gel with the lips or gum due to incorrectly sized trays or strips. During in-office whitening treatment, the dentist uses the regulated amount of hydrogen peroxide with a protective barrier over the gums to avoid sensitivity.

In-office teeth whitening: Our in will examine your teeth and gums prior to teeth whitening treatment and delivers optimum results in a relatively short amount of time.